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The Deakins are pleased to partner with LeBoat in bringing you an authentic Canadian maple experience.

Receive a jar of special traditional maple jelly upon presentation of LeBoat's incentive email.

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Maple Breakfast

"Note: This experience may be enjoyed in spring, summer and fall and thus is the only experience of its kind in the world. It has been developed with great care and detail to ensure the proper preservation of our prime maple forest.

Live the story of maple syrup time in a turn-of-the-century hardwood forest. Hear the stories of a forest with a glorious past and a challenging present as it contends with fickle nature and intractable man. Make your own maple syrup and take a memory home with you.

The setting for your half-day tour and workshop will be the Deakins maple forest and a rebuilt 1910 style sugar shack where you’ll immerse yourself in the life of a Canadian maple syrup farmer and engage in hands-on activities ending with the production of your own maple syrup.

Taste the crystal clear sweet sap. Savour the buttery maple aroma of boiling sap and watch with fascination as a myriad of tiny, hot, golden bubbles suddenly gush to the top of the pot signaling the end of the evaporation process. 

Relish the taste and feel of the time-honoured magic that is maple syrup.

Full Package Information:

The full experience includes a welcome activity featuring an interpretive maple products tasting; discount coupons for dinner at The Wilno Tavern restaurant; accommodations at the acclaimed Deakins on Mountainview Bed and Breakfast; a fabulous breakfast featuring local food and maple syrup and the half-day guided forest tour and maple syrup- making workshop.

"In the 1910 styled Sugar Shack we went for the next stage of the experience where we boiled the sap, tested, filtered and bottled our syrup." - Sharon Mandelaoui 2015    Dream Travel Magazine

Dates: May 1st - November 1st

Duration: one night/one day; two experiences

Itinerary:  click here

Level of Difficulty: easy 

Rates: from $194 per person, based on a group of six and double occupancy. 

Mini Experience Information:

The mini package consists of the interpretive maple products tasting event and the half-day guided forest tour and maple syrup- making workshop.

"The entire experience resulting in a beautiful bottle of Maple Syrup of my very own making for me to enjoy back home with my family." - Mary Chong 2016    Calculated Traveller Magazine

Rates begin at $113 per person based on a group of 6.

  • For the full or mini package ask for a quotation for groups of fewer or more than 6 persons.
  • Ontario Footprints accepts a cheque or online credit card payment via PayPal.

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