In addition to The Deakins Authentic Canadian Experience, our visitors can explore other Canadian experiences on their own. These additional experiences have been chosen to complement the types of activities experiential travellers have told us they enjoy … and they are all within fifty minutes drive of The Deakins B & B. Some involve leisurely walks through historical and cultural exhibits and museums; others include guided tours; and, still others provide a range of participatory activities suitable for people of all ages such as hiking, canoeing, and camping. With the exception of Algonquin Park all sites are easily explored within a morning or afternoon. Some of these activities are free; others are fee based or donation based.


Self-guided tours of a Class A Ontario Managed Maple Forest and a sugarhouse rebuilt with a touch of the past on the original 1910 site.

Don and Mary Helen strive to create an Authentic Canadian experience for travelers who seek to understand the history of the places they visit and to immerse themselves in engaging ways in the culture, people and settings of the Ontario Highlands.

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An Algonquin Park photo taken by one of our guests.

Algonquin is the oldest and one of the largest parks in Canada. Its unique mixture of forest types and variety of environments allows it to support an uncommon diversity of plant and animal life. For this reason hiking and wildlife viewing are among travellers’ favourite activities

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Built in 1965 from hundred-year-old hand hewn logs by experts in the Madawaska Valley, the pioneer museum is filled to the brim with artifacts and the ingenious inventions which enabled the area's pioneering forefathers to survive in a tough rural environment. Glimpse the home life of these pioneers as you pass by kitchen, parlour and bedroom exhibits - including a player piano that works!

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A natural underground wonder that has fascinated visitors the world-over for over 55 years, the Bonnechere Caves are located 40 minutes from the Deakins B & B near the town of Eganville. The caves feature fossilized remains of prehistoric invertebrates preserved in the massive limestone formations that run underground along the Bonnechere River.

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In the main gallery of The Champlain Trail Museum visitors view one of the largest collections of Ottawa Valley artifacts including a replica of Samuel de Champlain’s astrolabe found in the area many years ago and an authentic Cockburn pointer boat. Visitors wander through a Victorian home, take a peek into an early doctor’s office and stroll past a general store and a 1930's barber shop and beauty parlour.

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Wilno, the site of the first Polish settlement in Canada, is located 10 minutes from The Deakins. Descendants of the original emigrants from the Kaszuby region of Poland have built their Heritage Park and Museum to share their story with all.

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On the shores of Golden Lake, 10 minutes from The Deakins B & B, lies the first nation community of Pikwakanagan. The first nation Algonquins are proud of their origins and strive not only to protect their culture, language and heritage but to also share the Algonquin community with their many visitors who learn about their rich history at the Spirit of the Canoe museum which is open year-round.

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