In the main gallery of The Champlain Trail Museum visitors view one of the largest collections of Ottawa Valley artifacts including a replica of Samuel de Champlain’s astrolabe found in the area many years ago. Visitors wander through a Victorian home, take a peek into a doctor’s office, view the Bickle Fire station exhibit, stroll past a general store and a 1930's barber shop, a Corliss steam engine and one of the few remaining Cockburn pointer boats.

Outside in the pioneer village, they learn about life through the eyes of a pioneer as a guide tours them through a number of restored historically significant buildings including the former Lowertown schoolhouse, pioneer church and log home. As they stroll the grounds they view "The Pioneers of Pembroke" mural on the side of the main Museum building and discover a blacksmith shop, a woodworking shop and various farm equipment buildings. Plan a half day for this experience. The Museum is located in Pembroke, a fifty minutes drive from The Deakins B & B.