Our Mission                                                

An immediate curiosity captures us when we come across footprints. They suggest that one or more people have taken a walk and experienced their environment and consequently the sight of these imprints propels us to ask questions, “Where do they lead – to discovery or to more mystery?

At Ontario Footprints we seek to satisfy this curiosity in our travellers by leading them to encounters, interactions and moments that forge unforgettable memories. Our commitment begins at our bed and breakfast and our heritage forest and extends beyond our doors. Through our several itineraries we connect our experiential travellers to the special people, places and cultures of our region.

Our explorations are engaging, active, hands-on, unique, authentic, sometimes pleasantly unexpected and always memorable!

Follow Ontario Footprints on a journey of discovery.

Our Vision

We envision a place in our lives where hospitality, love of nature, traditional values, a commitment to excellence and an abiding respect for our environment guide the daily operations of our destination Bed & Breakfast.

Our Values

We embrace a wholesome lifestyle, a profound appreciation for our heritage property and the cultural and historical fabric of our region. We delight in helping our visitors enjoy memorable experiences. We especially value the commitment and participation of our associates and partners.